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The Farmstead had a little lamb

Farmstead Visit 007

We couldn’t resist taking our kids to the farm this last weekend. For one it was another beautiful day but also because all The Farmstead animals seem to be reproducing and there are having the cutest babies! Baby pigs, baby chickens, baby goat and baby lambs. Sophie wouldn’t put this 2 day old lamb down and the baby lamb didn’t seem to mind at all.

Farmstead Visit 028

We didn’t dare go into the pig pin. For one – it was a pig sty (he he) and also I don’t think the 300 lb momma, Gumball, would have been ok with us touching her babies. Her baby pigs sure are cute though.

 Farmstead Visit 013

Brad was even a sucker for all the cuteness.

Farmstead Visit 018

Farmstead Visit 021

This is the MOST adorable baby goat – GoGo. GoGo was Brad’s favorite animal.

Farmstead Visit 022

Farmstead Visit 028

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