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Oyster, Crab, Oh My

My big sister came to town from Georgia on Valentine’s Day for the midwinter break (and to introduce us to her new fiance). We had a packed weekend. To start her 16 year old daughter LOVES oysters; raw, cooked, what have you – she can’t get enough and lucky for them I have a friend that owns a shellfish farm – Chelsea Shellfish out St. Boat Island. On the day we were having our Oyster feast we went out to the farm to pick up the oysters. Shina from Chelsea Shellfish Farm took us down to the beach to show us how the oysters and clams grow, my goodness it was a pretty day. See below. It was one of those rare sunny mid winter days we get.  I forget how much I LOVE blue sky when I haven’t seen it in awhile.

The Farm

My sister Megan

My oyster loving niece Gabbi play with the farms dog, Chelsea.

Then on Saturday the Olympia Outboard Boating Club had their 4th annual crab feed fundraiser at the St. Boat Island Grange. It was a great event and all 14 of us (6 kids under 11 and 8 adults) ate enough crab to make the OOBC rethink the “all you can eat” part of the crab feed. It was yummy!

Did I tell you it was ALL YOU CAN EAT?!

We had a great fun filled weekend.



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